Well the season officially kicked off on Friday 1st November with the first of the NAC Night Speed Drag Wars Championship Series events.  And it's not slowing down until close to Christmas.

The first Night Speed Drag Wars event is always like a slap in the face with a frozen fish after a long quiet winter (Fathers Day Drags aside).  For most of the volunteers and racers alike, it involves a long battle with the notorious Auckland traffic after a long day at work and then non-stop action from 6pm until midnight if not longer. This year it was no different, rain threatened all day keeping some punters away and the night was not without it’s on track dramas with a racer losing a wheel in the braking area (and deciding that would be a good place to fix it) and the finish line beam going awol.  Luckily the crew would recall their training to get the night flowing again.
One of the highlights of the night every year is the great fireworks display and this year was no different.  It’s always great to see such a high number of our youth and some of the older youth (yes you Geoff Sadler, Graham Dyer and Mark Thomas) mixing, mingling and enjoying the sport we’re all crazy about.  We’ll be back with NAC Night Speed Drag Wars II again on Friday 15th November. 

Saturday 2nd November dawned bright and sunny and the rumble of the Huapai Hot Rod Club day rolled into Meremere. After a long night on Drag Wars duties, the crew were up and at it again as the Huapai gang who are a great long time customer of the track put them through their paces.  It was a beautiful sunny day for racing and it’s success apparent in the Club booking in their club day for next year.

The Kawasaki NZ Bike Day rolled into town on Sunday 3rd November to make it a trifecta.  It was great to see the black and green tell tale colours of Kawasaki all around the place.  All makes and models of bikes were welcome and all makes and models we got.  Thankfully for the organisers, the two fastest bikes on the day were both Kawasaki’s with Alan Thoresen running a 10.01 in his bid to get to the 9.  

As I write this, the track which was scraped of old rubber immediately after the Kawasaki NZ Bike Day racing is being rubberised in preparation for Test & Tune on Saturday 9th November and Competition Meeting 1 on Sunday 10th November.  The season is kicking off with a big bang and we hope you join us to bear witness to our first season on our new surface which we hope will bring new records.  

Check out our events page for full details of the summers racing at Fram Autolite Dragway and we’ll see you at the track.