Racer Information

Racer Information

IHRA NZ / MDI Rulebook

Full updated IHRA NZ and MDI rulebook for the 2023/2024 season of drag racing at Meremere Dragway. All changes/revisions highlighted in yellow for ease of reference.

Please also refer to the NAPA Auto Parts Dragway Pre-Season Newsletter in preparation for the coming season of racing.

Drag Wars Rules

Night Speed Drag Wars is a popular fixture in our calendar. And for many racers, this will be their introduction / first time to drag racing. So click here to see a quick guide to racing at Meremere Drag Wars and the rules for racing at Night Speed Drag Wars including classes of racing.

Drag Racing 101

Drag Racing is simple right? Well here is a quick reference guide to see how it all works. This is especially good for first time racers so have a read before you head down.

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