Meremere, Waikato – For over 20 years, we have hosted the stand-alone Night Speed Drag Wars series throughout summer. This series is an integral part of our summer season of racing. It brings us the best of street racing culture.

In this time, we have witnessed some fast times from the Night Speed Drag Wars punters with an influx over the last 10 years of street legal vehicles dipping into the 10s effortlessly. It is our belief they are long overdue for an official introduction to Competition meetings.

And so, this summer we are proud and excited to introduce the new PROWEAR Drag Wars class to our Competition meetings and welcome on board PROWEAR; who are no strangers to the street legal and Competition racing fraternity; as the official class Sponsor. From the Jap Imports, to the new influx of Euro speed demons through to the fresh new blood racing their EVs, all will make up this exciting new chapter in our Competition meetings and drag racing culture as a whole. 

The class will become part of our local NAPA Auto Parts Dragway Competition Series and is open to all our loyal Drag Wars racers running 12sec to 10sec on Street ET’s only (excludes V8s and motorbikes). To ensure an even playing field across such a diverse range of racers and vehicles, the class will run a DYO format of racing. 

We look forward to the amalgamation of our Drag Wars street legal racers with the veteran Competition meeting racers.  The combined power of the clash of these two racing cultures kicks off at our fist Competition Meeting on Sunday 5 November 2023, through to the end of the season in April 2024. Exciting.

You can find more info and all the details you need to plan out your summer of racing on our Events page

See you trackside.