And with just a little bit more blood and sweat, she'll be ready to Roll into the 2013/2014 Drag Racing season.

With the black top having now gone down and the start line bereaved of dead rubber, it is with great pleasure we announce the first of the big meetings for the upcoming summer – the annual Father’s Day Drags touches down on Sunday 1st September for the soft christening of the new seal.

There is still plenty of work in the form of fresh rubber to be laid (for which we have many racers volunteering their skids skills) and a lot of prep to go down before we get into some seriously serious racing.  But the big job of flattening off our lovely lady lumps has been completed.  

To say we’re excited is a little understatement.  One local racer was down on hands and knees kissing the tarmac when he dropped in for inspection. And the Fulton Hogan team claim they had “never seen so many stakeholders spectating during the entire track reseal process” from the original stripping of the old seal to the laying of the new seal. The interest was such that the breakdown of the track cam nearly caused mass hysteria.

In my short twelve years at the track, I have never seen anything more hotly anticipated than the forthcoming racing season at Fram Autolite Dragway. It is the culmination of many years of hard work by many of the tracks volunteers and supporters with some hard decisions by the Board and all involved that has allowed for the success of this project. It is a result borne from all those that have continued to support and race at Fram Autolite Dragway throughout the tough financial and political times.

Naturally, as with any project drag racing related, it needs to be put to the test. And that is exactly where you wonderful drag racers come in. Put simply, we want records and personal bests. The measure of our success lies in yours.

So to those who can race, we’ll see you on Sunday for Father’s Day Drags 2013. The rest of you competition racers, get the car and/or bike ready and we’ll see you for Test & Tune on Saturday 9th November.

Oh, I nearly forgot. Thank you for your patience...see you at the track!

Authors Note: This verbal diatribe was penned by an amateur (clearly!) and any errors, misrepresentation, exaggerations and false accusations and overly dumb and emotional girly comments belong solely to her and do not represent the views and opinions of Fram Autolite Dragway or the Fram Autolite Dragway Board.